Responsive Respite Services


Responsive Respite offers a chance for children with complex needs and their families to take a break from each other. We provide two types of respite services: In-home and facility based (Kidz Hotel). Both services are designed to serve the needs of children/adolescents with a disability who experience emotional, behavioral challenges

Program Goals (primary area of focus)

(I.e. General Education, Employment Preparation Etc.)

Respite Services offer one-to-one support with the goal of supporting the child to have enjoyable experiences, meeting and making new friendships through group and/or individualized activities within the community, exploring new interests and developing new skills.

Typical activities

(I.e. Access community resources, Recreational activities)

The Kidz Hotel offers games, in-house and community activities, such as swimming, bowling, TELUS Spark Center, Zoo, Heritage Park, organized group community activities, daytime support for school breaks, overnight sleepovers and special events.

Hours of Support

Respite Services offers one-to-one support for your child through two service options.

Responsive Community Respite: planned short-term hourly supports (e.g. after school M-F) at the child’s home or at our agency site. The family may access the program through arranging a contract through Children’s Services (FSCD/CI) for hourly behavioural respite supports.

Kidz Hotel Supports: Planned or emergency overnight out-of-home respite for weekday overnight and weekend stays at the Kidz Hotel. Bookings per child are accommodated depending on availability and shared usage. The agency practice for overnight bookings per child per annum provides for an allowance of 30 overnights, with a possibility for extension as decided in cooperation with Children’s Services. The family may access the program through arranging a contract through Children’s Services (FSCD/CI) for out of home behavioural respite supports.